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    Wholesale Car Accessories Supplier in the UK

    Everything is becoming advanced. Technology makes traveling easy. Every person wants to have a car. So a car with all mobile phone accessories makes your travel more comfortable. Different car accessories introduce by the companies for your convenience. Now you can buy bulk car accessories in the UK at good prices. iShine is the best car accessories, distributor. We always make sure to provide premium quality products to our customers.

    Wholesale Auto Accessories that You Can Buy

    All car accessories are available at wholesale price. These car accessories make life easy and comfortable.

    Car Holder

    Mobile car holders provide you with a safe journey. You can put your phone on this holder and use your phone for navigation while traveling. It provides a strong grip on your device and keeps your phone safe even on bumpy roads. It is made with premium quality PC and silicone. Easy to set on any angle and provide easy access to your phone. Buy best Car holders at wholesale price.

    Dash Cam

    Dash camera makes travel more safe and easy. These advanced Dash cams are high digital video cameras. SD card is used as the storage device in it. It includes a rechargeable lithium battery. You can also charge it during recording. These dashcams provide you best HD results. You can easily mount and detach it. It can be powered ON automatically when you start your car. This dash camera won’t drain your car battery and you can get 24-hours protection for your car. The recording can be used as a piece of evidence in any uncertain situation. You can buy all car gadgets in the UK.

    Car Chargers

    A car charger is a device that allows the user to charge a cell phone and MP3 player during traveling. These car chargers are convenient to use in vehicles. Car chargers have stupendous performance, and portable and prompt charging speed. These Auto Mobile chargers help you to charge your device on road. These car mobile chargers are made of aluminum alloy. Car Phone chargers save your device from overheating while charging. Whenever a company made any product it should be careful about the environment. That product should be anti-polluted so this is eco-friendly, safe, and non-toxic. Dual USB ports secure the design circuit and offer the current transformation in an efficient transformation.

    USB Ports: you can expand the USB Ports from one to three to meet the changing needs of the driver, co-driver, and rear-seat passenger. It is compatible with the mainstream car models, including family cars, trucks, etc.

    FM Transmitter

    You can enjoy your journey by listening to music on the FM transmitter. It provides you with louder and the best sound quality. It provides the facility of multiple channels. You can set or change the channel according to your choice.

    Where You Can Buy

    Different companies introduced their products. iShine is the best auto accessories wholesale distributor in the UK. You can get all cool gadgets like cell phone holders for cars, hands-free phone holders for cars, mobile phone car accessories, etc. at cheap prices. You can buy all car gadgets without any hesitation as all products are high quality and checked before shipping.

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