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    Wholesale Google Pixel LCD Screen & Digitizer Supplier in UK

    Google Pixel is probably the best mobile phone which Google has to offer. It has great specs and features packed inside a slim and sleek body. It is surely a great phone. But to enjoy any of your mobile phone experiences you need to have a good display. A display screen of a mobile phone is probably the most sensitive thing, and it is very vulnerable to damage. If you have damaged your phone’s lcd screen, then you don’t have to worry. At iShine-trade, you can get Google Pixel LCDs to get your phone repaired.

    Genuine Google Pixel LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement:

    Whenever you go to the market for an LCD screen replacement, you only want good quality and genuine products. But it is pretty difficult to find the original products in the market. There are plenty of counterfeit parts which can cost you much less. But these parts are not that durable and can get damaged pretty easily. It can be harmful to your device as well. These parts are not worth buying at all. Whenever buy replacement parts from us, you are guaranteed to have only the best and original parts, which are worth every penny you spend. You can buy compatible Google Pixel LCD screen & digitizer replacement parts from us, in a carefree.

    All the Types:

    We all know there are many different types of lcd screens in the market. These different screens provide different quality for your visual experiences. Below are the types of lcd screen you can get at iShine-trade for your Google Pixel phone.

    • OEM Google Pixel LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement 
    • TFT Google Pixel LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement
    • Service Pack Google Pixel LCD & Digitizer Screen Replacement
    • OLED Google Pixel LCD Screen & Digitizer Replacement

    Cheap Prices:

    If you are a businessman then you might know the importance of cheap prices. Even the slightest drop in the price can affect you in a major way if you want to buy bulk Google Pixel LCD screen & digitizer replacement parts. Being the best Google Pixel LCD screen supplier in the UK, we make sure that you always get the cheapest prices along with good quality products. You can buy Wholesale Google Pixel LCD screen & digitizer replacement in the UK, in a carefree manner from us. Our cheap prices will surely let you enhance your business.

    Refurbished Parts:

    Most of the time you need to get the replacement parts for your phone, but you don’t want to spend too much money at the same time. That’s what refurbished parts are for. These refurbished parts provide you the best quality and results while letting you save some money at the same time. These parts are very carefully refurbished by professionals and are absolutely compatible with your phones. But we never compromise on the quality even for once.

    Do You Need a Replacement LCD?

    The most important thing before going for a Google Pixel LCD screen & digitizer replacement is to make sure that you need one. Most of the time the issues, which you are facing with the display, are not due to faulty hardware. Often it just needs little settings and refreshing the phone. Following are some of the main indicators of a damaged lcd screen.

    Black or No Display:

    The most obvious indicator of a faulty or damaged lcd screen is that you get a black screen or no display at all. Make sure that the phone is functioning and try to restart or reset your phone. If the problem is resolved, then you don’t need an lcd screen replacement. But if the problem persists, then it is time that you contact wholesale Google Pixel LCD screen & digitizer distributor in the UK, and get your lcd screen replaced.

    Touch Not Working:

    Another major indicator is that the touch screen of your phone stops working. The phone not responding to your touch gestures can also be due to your phone getting hanged or apps getting crashed. If it is due to a software issue, then it can easily go away by just updating the software or restarting your phone. If it does not go away, then you need a new lcd screen.

    Dead Pixels:

    Dead pixels are lines of random colors you see on the screen. It is due to a damaged lcd screen. It can also be caused if the connector cables of your lcd screen are loose or damaged. It can only be resolved if you get your lcd screen replaced.

    Ink-Like Spots:

    Many times it happens that you see black ink-like spots or smudges on your screen. The touch does not respond in that areas as well. It can even spread to the whole screen and leave you with a dead lcd. So, it is advised to get your phone’s lcd screen replaced as soon as possible.


    We at iShine-trade always strive to make our service better with every passing day. You can get the best products at the cheapest possible prices. So, trade with us and let us help you grow.

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