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    Wholesale iPad Replacement Parts

    iPads are probably the most commonly used Apple device worldwide. The more it is used, the more it is vulnerable to damage, which creates a huge demand in the market for wholesale iPad replacement parts. If you are looking for a wholesale iPad parts supplier in the UK then look no further. iShine-trade is the number one iPad parts supplier in the online B2B marketplace. We take pride in our huge collection of iPad parts.

    Everything you need:

    We offer all the replacement parts for your iPad you can possibly think of. We have a wide range of iPad parts, which are absolutely genuine and compatible. Cameras are a big thing in any smart device these days. It is mostly the first thing people see in a smart device. You can cherish your precious moments while staying in contact with your family by making video calls. It also lets you make videos and vlogs for social media. You can find good quality and durable cameras here. Both front and rear cameras are available at great deals as well. It is always important to hear and be heard loud and clear. We provide good quality ear speakers as well as mics, and loudspeakers for iPads. Not only this but all the other important replacement parts of your choice as well. From charging ports, to, volume flex, to sim-tray, to Wi-Fi flex, and much much more, you name it and we have it.

    Replacement iPad LCD screen:

    There is nothing more frustrating than having a cracked LCD display. Once the screen of your iPad is broken there is nothing left. Most people just go for a new iPad altogether than have it fixed. We at iShine-trade have LCD screens for iPads. These LCD screens come with digitizers too. Getting the original replacement LCD screen saves you a lot of money and time. Best quality screens for every model of iPad are available here. Get the LCD replaced and boost the visuals for every viewing pleasure.

    Protection for your Screen:

    It is always better to take care of your gadgets, rather than having them fixed afterward. Screen protectors are always the best option to keep the LCD screen safe. We provide durable glass protectors for every model of an iPad. Tampered glass gives much more protection than any other screen protectors. These tampered glass protectors can keep the LCD of an iPad, safe along with the other essential components attached to the mainboard.

    Durable and Reliable:

    You can buy bulk iPad replacement parts from iShine-trade in a carefree manner. We offer only genuine and best-quality parts. Counterfeit parts cost less but they can never be trusted. They also damage the body or components of your device. The iPad replacement parts which you buy from us will last long and never let you down. We are a wholesale iPad replacement parts supplier, that you can trust. Whenever you buy bulk iPad parts from us you are guaranteed to get the best quality, which is definitely worth every penny you spend.

    Best Selling Parts:

    We all know that iPad is the most popular tech gadget around the world. It gives you the freedom to perform any task with ease. You can stay productive and keep yourself entertained all day long with an iPad. The more these are used, the more they are prone to be damaged. This results in huge demand for the market for replacement parts. Some of the most popular and in-demand parts for the iPad include replacement cameras, home buttons, speakers, and mics. These parts are used more frequently so that’s why they tend to get damaged more. Whatever you need we have it all.


    The first thing most people ask after getting a replacement part is that can you repair it yourself. These parts are durable and with just a basic knowledge of iPads, you can fix the device yourself. But this certainly does not mean that anyone can do it. If you are an everyday Joe and you don’t have the proper set of skills, to perform the replacement or repairing task, then it is highly advisable that you contact a professional and get the job done.

    Grow with Us:

    We are the best wholesale iPad replacement parts supplier In UK, and you can count on us. We have a huge collection of all the essential iPad replacement parts you need. We help you enhance your business, with great quality products, which you can buy in bulk and that too on the best deals in the UK. It is quite easy to browse through our online store

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