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    Buy Wholesale iPhone LCD Screen Replacement in the UK

    The repairing of the iPhone LCD screen is quite tricky. If your iPhone screen comes with a pile of damaged screens you can replace it with a new one? iPhone is a popular mobile device. iShine stocks various quality LCD Screens to suit different budgets. The company has been selling out mobile screens for iPhones for a number of years and build up the brand reputation because of the quality products. The people can easily replace the smashed, cracked, scratched, non-responsive LCDs, dead pixels, loss of touch sensitivity. The replacement of the screen restores your phone to full functioning conditions and looking like new. The high-quality replacement is designed for installation by trained professionals and does not come with manuals. If you are a bulk buyer, iShine is the best place to buy iPhone Screen Replacements, iPhone Parts, iPhone Cases & Covers.

    OEM iPhone LCD Screen:

    iPhone OEM Screen comes with a touch screen, a glass panel with force touch, digitizer bracket, LCD plate, earpiece, earpiece bracket, proximity, light sensor flex, front camera, and home button flex, (that runs behind the screen). The screen also comes with retina resolution, sensitive touch, and anti-scratch coating

    OLED iPhone LCD Screen:

    The OLED is actually the acronym “organic light-emitting diode”. The OLED is different from the original one. It is the thin film of an organic compound that emits light when it passes an electric current through it. iPhone OLED Screen lights up the individual pixels.

    TFT iPhone LCD Screen:

    The TFT screen is an active Matric. iPhone LCD Screen Replacement is sharper and brighter than the common LCD display. It refreshes more quickly than the regular LCD display and shows the motion more smoothly. TFT displays use more electricity than regular ones. TFT comes in higher quality. It shows a better display in every way, except, it is more expensive.


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