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JK Incell LCD Screen Replacement For iPhone 13 Mini/ 13 / 13 Pro Max


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Wholesale incell iPhone 13 LCD Screen Replacement 

Buy the complete LCD with a touch screen for iPhone 13, 13 Mini, and replace the broken, cracked and scratched screen in your handset. It is perfect fits with high manufacturing quality. It is easiest to replace the display for the headset.

Application :

  • The glass is cracked, scratched, shattered, or the screen is slashed.
  • The screen is unresponsive when you touch it.
  • There are dead pixels, colored spots on your screen or the display are dark.

The LCD is easily installed ready-to-install and screen replacement for iPhone 13, 13 Mini. Replacing the whole. The replacement of the screen is simpler and quicker, though it is more expensive than replacing one damaged component in the screen replacement.

How to know which screen part you need :

  • Only LCD Screen: In this case when the touch panel is not damaged but the image under the glass is not clear, you only need an LCD screen.
  • Only Touch Screen: In this case when the image under the touch panel is fine but the touch panel or glass is broken, you only need a touch screen.
  • Screen Replacement: When both the top touch panel and the LCD image are broken, you need a complete screen replacement.

Package Information :

  • Content: 1 x Screen Replacement for iPhone 13, 13 Mini.


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In-cell LCD displays have their advantages and limitations. Here are some key points about in-cell LCD technology:

Thinner Design: In-Cell LCD technology combines the touch sensor and the display into a single layer, resulting in a thinner screen assembly.
Improved Touch Response: The integration of touch sensors directly into the LCD panel can enhance touch sensitivity and accuracy.
Better Image Quality: In-Cell LCD displays generally offer good color reproduction, contrast, and brightness levels, resulting in a satisfying visual experience.

Potential Touch Sensitivity Issues: While In-Cell LCDs generally provide improved touch response, there have been some reports of touch sensitivity issues, such as accidental touches or erratic behavior. However, these issues vary depending on the specific implementation and the device itself.
Limited Repairability: In-Cell LCDs can be more challenging to repair or replace compared to traditional LCD screens because the touch sensors are integrated into the display itself. This can increase the complexity and cost of repairs.
Higher Cost: In-Cell LCD technology typically involves more complex manufacturing processes, which can lead to higher production costs compared to traditional LCDs.

The resolution of the Incell iPhone 13 Mini, 13 display is 2340 x 1080 pixels.

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