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    D168 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Handheld Mic Speaker
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    D168 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Handheld Mic Speaker

    Wireless connection with microphone. Breaking the traditional microphone connection method, the mobile phone Bluetooth can search for the modified product, and the air amplifier is equivalent to a mini Bluetooth speaker.

    Support Bluetooth.

    Support the couplet of two machines. A mobile phone can be connected to two devices at the same time to realize duo singing.

    With radio function.

    Support MP3. There is a USB input port on the microphone speaker, which supports MP3 format music playback, just insert the U disk.

    Support recording. The microphone has the function of recording songs in Bluetooth connection mode, and the function of singing and recording can be achieved by connecting to the mobile phone song APP to record songs.

    Stereo sound effect expands the sound emission source, spreads more energy, and karaoke is more shocking!

    Multifunctional mixer, multiple sound effects can be adjusted! Bass, treble, magic voice change, microphone volume, reverberation, accompaniment, etc. can all be adjusted.

    ABS shell, aluminum alloy handle, net cover technology, high-end products, reliable quality, perfect sound quality!

    Smart compatibility. Compatible with mobile phones, computers and tablets; support various K softwares such as Sing Bar, Sing Hui, Kuwo K Brother, etc.

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