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Non-Slip Gel Mousepad (504)

Brand: Generic

£ 1.25



Categories: Computer Accessories

Non-Slip Gel Mousepad (504)

 Unique comfort zone gel-filled cushion conforms to your wrists for maximum comfort and support. The excellent tracking surface provides smooth and concise mouse tracking. The wave designs permit natural hand and wrist movement.

Lightweight yet durable: it is durable and lightweight and easily carries everywhere. Designed with style in mind, mouse pad compliments any workspace with its vibrant design and it’s to prevent frustration in the workplace or at home,

Self-adjust mouse pad:   conforms to wrists and personalizes the comfort, which helps to relieve the pain, pressure, and fatigue, while using the mouse.

Stain-resistant gel : The wrist can be wiped with a damp cloth due to the smooth surface

Improve performance:   The optical friendly mouse, which features a tracking surface, is ideal use in the office, desk, in your home.

Comfort and support: while having the style in mind, the mouse pad compliments with any workspace. The soothing transparent gel which also provides comfort and support for your wrist.

Non-Slippery Mouse pad:  non-skid rubber backing to the mouse pad which keeps the wrist rest in place and prevents it from slipping around.


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