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Baku BA-128 Frame Adhesive Removing Liquid

Brand: BAKU

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Categories: Electronics Accessories

Baku BA-128 Frame Adhesive Removing Liquid

The removing liquid is effectively used for separating the frame and the glue removing. It is mostly used for domestic cell phone models. It remarkably affects the small amount, without harming cable, LCD and frame. You can apply the appropriate amount of tin connector with the product, and directly weld it with tin wire. It is easy to operate. 

It can help to soften and remove reigniting tight the sealing of glue. It quickly softens and looses the solidified adhesive such as epoxy. 


The liquid comes with weak acid, there is air pressure in the bottle but open the cap carefully. You must keep away from eyes or skin, in case you can wash your eyes with water.  

How to use:

1. Pick a bigger size absorbent cotton than BGA ic with tweezers and dip into the removing liquid. Then cover it evenly on bga ic chip which in need of glue removing. 

2. Place a plastic bag or film on the top and cover the PCB board.

3. Wait approx. 20 minutes

4. Redo step 1 to step 3.

5. To remove the softened sealing glue in the outside of bag ic chip with a tweezers. Please pay attention to avoid damaging routes surrounding the bag and copper foil circuit around the mainboard when removing the glue.

6. Heat up the chip with an air gun (300 deg. C). The glue in the bottom will get melt and soften by heat; 

7. To remove the chip with tweezers or cutter. Â caution: this glue removing liquid shall not touch skin, eyes. Please close it after using. If touched by accident, please wash with water immediately.


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