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BAKU BK-8033 Hot Air Gun

Brand: BAKU

£ 10.83



Categories: Electronics Accessories

BAKU BK-8033 Hot Air Gun

  • Hot air and hot iron:  2 in 1 high-performance rework soldering iron station. You can use a hot air gun and soldering iron separately, with no interference with each other.
  • Automatic to blow cool air: it saves heating, the temperature rapidly rises, and it can reach the set temperature only within 3 or 5 seconds. Small volume, lightweight, temp-control accurately.
  • Different tip design: Using welding tips and heating elements in different designs save operating costs.
  • Using digital display operation: it is easy to use; adjust the temperature and see the temperature on the
  • Hot Air Gun: Hot air temperature sensor front and electronic closed-loop temperature control, air temperature more accurate.
  • Safe solder QFP, PLCC, BGA, and other temperature-sensitive components

Product specification:

  • Output Power: 700~750 W
  • Fuse: 8A(110V), 4A(220V)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Solder Iron: 50~480? / 122~896 ?
  • Hot Air Gun: 100~450? / 212~842 ?


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