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BAKU BK-U936D Soldering With Hot Air Gun Complete Set 9 Series

Brand: BAKU

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Categories: Electronics Accessories

BAKU BK-U936D Soldering With Hot Air Gun Complete Set 9 Series 

Soldering stations and heat guns are used for microprocessor PID temperature regulation. The system is automatic and has a cold function. It is called 100 celsius. It automatically switched to the power-saving mode. It helps to extend the heating unit's life and protect the hot air gun.


  • Be careful when operating at a high temperature, do not use it near flammable and explosive gas and other objectives.
  • When the hot air gun is working, do not leave the work position.
  • The children do not touch the hot air gun.
  • After using, let it give them time to cool down and save it to a cool place. When it is turned off, the heating tube will be gushed out and temporarily cool air. During the cool-down period, do not take out the plug.


  • It is perfectly suitable for the unsoldering of multiple components such as SOIC, Chip, PLCC, BGA, etc. it is specially used for flat cables and cable connectors.
  • It is low in noise, has smooth airflow, and even temperature; it is suitable for various types of soldering.
  • It comes with various types of nozzles and is easy to replace.


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