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Full Glue Screen Protector For Apple Watch 38MM 40MM 44MM 49MM Ultra

Brand: Generic

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Categories: Apple, Tempered Glass

Full Glue Screen Protector For Apple Watch 38MM 40MM 44MM 49MM Ultra

Full Glue tempered glass offers High screen sensitivity and a comfortable touch feeling. Full glue Tempered glass protects from the anti-UV rays, anti-scratch, anti-static, dust-proof, bubble-free, non-corrosive, and highly transparent. It saves from your Apple watch from the anti-oil, water coating, and smudges and reduces fingerprints.

Mild silicon base adhesive: it is a non-sticky residue on the left when you removed the tempered glass.

Easy to use and adhesive: tempered glass for Apple smartwatches 38 MM 40 MM 44 MM 49 MM is easy to install, has quick adherence, and is 100% compatible with the Apple watch.

Smooth and bubble-free: tempered glass makes your screen smooth glass a touch, bubble-free and scratch-resistant surface. Quality is reflected through commitment, so, you need to make sure you have enough time and patience to get an undeniable perfect result.

Ultra HD clarity: it is perfectly matched with the Apple watch, with no clarity reduction or touch sensitivity.

Liquid dispersion technology:

The patent liquid glass easily disperses over the entire screen, not including the scratches and scuffs and hardens to create an impenetrable edge-to-edge. 


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